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އަންގާރަ 16 އޭޕްރިލް 2024

About Hurihaa

‘Hurihaa’ meaning ‘everything’ is an online news registered and designed in 2020 to deliver verities of enthralling content to its readers. As the name suggests, 'Hurihaa' will touch all the 360 degrees of the content circle, to bring the most relevant, entertaining, interesting and much needed pieces of information to its audience.

We as a team, understand that our audience desire different types of content ranging from current affairs, politics, profiles, food, technology, fashion, trends and given that, will be putting our best efforts into introducing absorbing yet offbeat styles of writings to the viewers. There is no denial for creating best content themes which a reader desire.

While we seek to inform the audience on what's new, we also aim to empower and engage our readers in best possible ways. With us, we welcome you to unfold the stories that need to be heard. We will stand for excellence and pre-eminence when it comes to maintaining a quality correlation with important elements of contents which is required to make it mentally and emotionally approachable to our readers.

Behind the media platform Hurihaa, is a team of keen, enthusiastic, determined and experienced journalists who works attentively with a deep understanding of our reader’s preferences. With the derived understanding, we strive to organize our content in broad margins, yet applicable for all visitors of all age-groups. In Hurihaa, the audience will achieve 100%, accuracy, relevancy, currency and age adaptation.

Hurihaa strives to go forward with the acquirers while facilitating them with up to date information needed daily. Hurihaa strives to the very highest standards of accuracy and will continue to invest in original journalism. Hence, we invite our audience to engange with us in attaining ‘Hurihaa’ needed headlines and narrations.

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